The Reason You Get So Many Mosquito Bites Isn’t Bad Luck, It’s Because You Smell Wonderful.

Why is it some people never get a mosquito bite while some of us get loads of them? This question has kept the scientists busy for years.

Previous observations seemed to show that larger persons, who produce more CO2, beer drinkers, and pregnant women, were particularly exposed for bites. Diets have also been suspected as a factor for a long time. However, none of these factors seems to be the reason.

Instead, scientists claim to have found the explanation in a brand new study, according to IFL Science. By using volunteers from a group of female identical and non-identical twins, they were able to separate the effects from nature and the effects from genes.

These brave volunteers put their hands into a cloud of 20 mosquitos, only separated by a specially formed Plexiglas. The reason for this was to see if the odours either attract or repeals the mosquitos.

The result was stunning: 67% of the differences between humans depend entirely on genes.

So, why is this?
Many years ago, a similar twin study showed that the odour from our forearm is genetic. And this works both ways; in the way we perceive the scent from other peoples forearms, and the way we produce our own odour. And it goes the same way for mosquitos. There’s a big difference between the scents that attracts them and the odours that repels them.

So, the next time you get a mosquito bite that is itching like crazy: don’t blame bad luck or bad insect repellent.
Instead, try to appreciate the fact your genetic composition creates an amazing odour, irresistible for mosquitos.

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