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This Happens To Your Body When You Sleep With Onion Inside Your Socks.

I’ve long heard about onions being an effective cold remedy. But frankly I never bothered much to look further into it. When I finally did, I discovered something many are perhaps already aware of: onions in the sock can be useful in healing your cold. This is indeed the technique that has many raving about: stuffing onions in your socks while you sleep to make you healthier.



Blogger Jennifer Thompson runs the health blog, Healthy Bliss, on which she explains the remedy:

“This is not a new idea. Onions were used by certain individuals in Europe to successfully fight off the plague in the early 1900’s.”

According to Jennifer, it’s well worth giving the trick a chance, as there is nothing to lose.

Several of her readers reported trying the onion trick – with positive outcome.

“I had a terrible cold/sinus infection, and my mom recommended me to cut a onion in half, and sleep next to it, I cut 2 onions, and after one night I did feel the difference, I have yet to try the sock method!”

“I have been placing cut onions in a bowl in my children’s rooms for years. They rarely get sick. If they become unbalanced, they recover quickly…”

So, what do you think? Would you try this yourself or on your kids?

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