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This Happens To Your Body When You Work Out Regularly.

That training is good for us is something we are all aware of. Whether going to the gym and lifting weights, using strength building machines, or running out in the open, our bodies react positively to physical challenges. But what really happens in our bodies when we’re sweating it out at the gym? Well – quite a lot, as it turns out. Below are just 9 of many reasons why regular exercise is very possibly our body’s best friend.

1. A stronger heart

Through regular exercise, the heart pumps more efficiently and more blood vessels develop. This translates to a heart that does not have to pump as hard at any given time, and certainly in stressful situations. With a few months of intensive training, your resting heart rate decreases, your oxygen levels increase, and your risk of developing blood clots decreases.

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2. A more active brain

Through exercise, activity and blood flow in the parts of the brain that handle motor skills increase significantly. Thus, various cognitive abilities, such as memory, learning, and concentration, are improved. In addition, the brain releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin – which keep your spirits up and get you smiling more.

3. Lower cholesterol

The so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol that can be found in your blood, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis, among other things, decreases when you train. At the same time, regular exercise increases the good kind of cholesterol.

4. Sounder sleep

Quality of sleep is improved by regular exercise. And better sleep means less anxiety, better self-esteem and tolerance to stress. Stress hormones in your blood is also decrease during exercise. This helps relax the heart more so that you can get sounder zzzs.

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5. Better fitness levels

Your endurance is improved with regular exercise, and you’re bound to notice that quickly. When you train, your oxygen and respiratory capacities increase, which in turn helps the heart muscles become stronger and more tolerant. This also helps speed up your metabolism and, as you may already know – that helps you burn fat faster.

6. Stronger muscles

Muscle strength increases and muscles become more sustainable. After just one week, muscle fibers are strengthened. Due to increased blood vessels, blood flow is enhanced, which means that oxygen and nutrients travel more easily to the muscles, while toxins travel more quickly out.

7. Stronger bones

Even your bones, cartilage, and joints are strengthened through training. When the bones are not subjected to movement, they quickly weaken. Cardio and strength-training workouts, such as running, help increases the strength of the bones and give them a more solid structure.

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8. More stable blood sugar

With regular exercise, sugar levels become lower and more stable, especially when training the major muscle groups. Blood sugar is better controlled and stabilized when muscle cells become better at absorbing sugar in the blood, a result of training. Your sensitivity to insulin improves, which in turn helps prevents type 2 diabetes.

9. More calories burnt.

Energy consumption increases with exercise and this helps reduce dangerous abdominal fat. With regular exercise, your ability to burn fat and carbohydrates increases – whether through fitness or strength building workouts. Meanwhile, as your muscles grow following a weight-lifting workout, you even still burn calories during rest time.

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