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This Hilarious Fake Ad Makes A Strong Case That We All Need A Bigger Dose Of Nature.

We all have our ways of unwinding—scrolling though our Facebook feed, crocheting, or maybe even doing yoga or meditation, but one of most overlooked ways of relaxing may be spending time in the great outdoors. But between work, families, and binge-watching our favorite TV shows, it’s easy to forget how close nature is to us. So as a reminder, a group of nature enthusiasts created Nature RX, a hilarious fake commercial that extols the benefits of the great outdoors in the style of a Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft commercial. And as funny as the commercial is, the claims it makes about nature are backed by science. So if you’re thinking of making nature a part of your wellness plan, check out this video and find out if nature is right for you!

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