This is what the color of your pee reveals about your health

You’re probably not paying much attention to how your pee looks like when you’re going for a number 1 – and I don’t blame you!

But did you know that your urine could actually be a good indicator of how your health is doing?

The color of your pee can for example tell if your body is lacking something, or it can even reveal if you might have a disease.

Here are 11 colors to keep an eye on when you go for a tinkle!



If your pee has the same color of water, transparent that is, it probably means that you have been drinking too much of just that – water.

We all know that drinking water is vital and very good for you but if your urine is completely transparent it can mean that you’re drinking way too much of it.

Pale Yellow


This is a completely normal pee color to have, pale or a light yellow means you have a good fluid balance in your body.



Same here – this is a normal color of pee to have and means everything is running fine.

Dark Yellow


Dark yellow urine is also normal but it could mean that you might need to drink a little more water. Sometimes our pee in the morning might be more yellow than usual – this is because we haven’t been drinking water for a long period of time, like during the night when we are asleep.



If your pee has the same color as honey then your body needs more fluids! Try to drink more water. 



If your urine has a brownish color – it can be because of something you ate such as a lot of beans, rhubarb or any medication you might be taking.

Be aware though – brown urine may also be a sign of liver problems or shortage of fluids. If you drink enough water and still have this pee color you should consult a doctor.



Red pee can be caused by a number of things. Like If you for example had been eating any food with a strong red in it during that day, such as beetroot or blueberries. If that’s the case, it’s perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

If you didn’t eat any red-looking food recently, then you need to consult a doctor as soon as you can. Red color in your urine may be blood – I don’t need to explain why this is alarming.



Just like red, this pee color could be a result of what you have eaten recently. Any orange colored food can make your pee look orange – like certain berries, beets or carrots. Certain types of medication or fluid shortage can also be causes.

A dark orange color can possibly be due to an illness, if you don’t find any natural reason as to why your pee is this color then you should contact a physician.



This might sound like a strange pee color but believe it or not – it happens. It’s usually caused by certain foods or medications but if you can’t think of as to why your pee is green – then don’t hesitate in consulting a doctor.

Foamy / Bubbly


This isn’t really a color but some of you might have experienced to have pee which is a bit foamy or with bubbles. If it’s happened to you before, then not to worry – it’s nothing dangerous, but it usually means you might be eating too much protein. If you have this type of urine quite often then you should probably speak to your doctor about it to make sure it’s not a possible illness.



A turbid or cloudy looking urine is an indication that your pee contains phosphates, this may be a result of kidney stones. If your urine is cloudy a few days in a row then this may be a sign of a urinary tract infection – make sure to see a doctor straight away in that case. When your urine is turbid it’s pretty common that it’s got a strong smell and you might notice you have pee more than usual. So, it’s most likely you’ll know something is not quite right.

From now on – I think I might start keeping an eye on the color of my pee.

I was completely unaware of all of this! I’m sure there’s more people out there just like me, who would like to know if they can detect an illness when they go for a number 1. Please share this important information with your friends!

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