American Gymnasts Put On An Incredible Acrobatic Performance During Competition.

One thing I love is gymnastics. But outside of the Olympics, there aren’t many chances to see top level athletes compete on TV these days. And that’s a shame because there are some real stars out there. They might not get the exposure that comes from performing on “America’s Got Talent” or “Dancing With the Stars,” but the best gymnasts provide entertainment that comes from years of hard work and dedication. When Catherine Stickley, Savannah Bentley, and Hannah Silverman from the USA team walked onto the mat at this year’s Flanders International Acro World Cup, they put everything they’ve got into their three-minute routine. And it’s hard not to appreciate the grace that these young women exude as they pull off impossible formations, splits, and flips. Perhaps their only flaw is making it look too easy—when in reality, they use every muscle in their bodies to defy gravity and push the normal limits of what human bodies should be able to do. I’m not sure why they don’t just snap in half doing some of the things they do. But I do know that this performance is jaw-dropping and one that I just had to share here. Watch it below!

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