Dad kills his 6-year-old daughter before killing himself - then mom does the unexpected at his funeral

Losing a child causes the most unbearable pain for a parent and wounds that never heal. For the parent whose ...

Mom Lisa Snyder charged with murder of kids found hanging from dog leash in basement

Lisa Snyder, the mom of two kids found hanging in their basement in Pennsylvania, has been charged with their murders, ...

Missing woman found dead inside abandoned school

Adriana Saucedo got into a vehicle with an unknown male to go purchase marijuana, but she never made it home.

Update: 3-year-old stabbed multiple times by mom's ex-boyfriend has died

Hunter Straight-Smith, the 3-year-old boy stabbed in his Winnipeg home while sleeping last Wednesday, has died, according to reports. The ...

Man shoots and kills 4 members of his family

Maurice Louis, 29, was arrested and charged Wednesday in connection to the deaths of four members of his family.

Father murdered by intruders

Brenton heard a window break and when he went to investigate it, he was shot in the chest.