Daddy’s 6 best BBQ tricks – these will turn you into a grill master this summer

Now that it’s getting hotter, it’s the perfect time to update your grilling skills and learn a few new tricks.

Did you know, for example, that an ice cube might be the key to the best burgers of 2017?

Some of these expert tips might seem strange or unconventional, but hopefully, they’ll result in some of the most delicious burgers you’ve ever cooked.

Put your burgers on ice

Place an ice cube in the middle of a burger while it’s cooking. You can also use a pat of butter. This will make your meat as juicy as can be!

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Only use half the grill

Nobody likes overcooked, dry meat.

To keep your meat hot without losing all of its juices, only put charcoal on one side of your grill. Then when meat is ready, place it on the “cooler” side. Your your meat will stay hot without being overcooked.

Salt your fish

Soak your fish in salt water for 10 minutes before throwing it on the grill. This will prevent it from falling apart on top of the grill.

Smart, right?

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Spray on the apple juice

Pour some apple juice into a spray bottle and mist your meat while your grilling it.

This will enhance its flavor and keep it tender. Some people even use apple juice instead of BBQ sauce.

Grill in advance

Instead of running around like a chicken with your head cut off when your guests arrive, try pre-grilling your meat.

That way you can concentrate on your guests and not stress out while you’re working the grill.

Cook your burgers up to four hours before your guests arrive. Grill them until they’re almost ready and then throw them back on the grill when your guests arrive.

Watch this video for even more tips:

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