The trick so many miss- consider this next time you buy parmesan cheese

There are few things in the world that taste better than some really good cheese.

And out of all the different types of cheese out there, I’d place Parmesan firmly near the top of my list.

Italians are said to give their children a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano when they think it’s time for them to try ‘real food’ – and that says a lot.

This divine cheese is often paired with some of our favourite recipes – especially pasta dishes.

But if you’re looking to find the best cheese possible, then the trick is to use science. The Test Kitchen has given us tips on what to look out for when you buy parmesan so that you won’t come home after shopping and be disappointed.

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The cooks at America’s Test Kitchen have always thought that the bits of cheese closest to the edge of the block taste best. 

They organized a blind taste test to investigate and came to the following conclusion:

All the test subjects who got to taste the piece near the rind found it tasted the best and contained most flavour. The further towards the middle of the cheese, the less flavour. 

And buying a block of cheese has more benefits than just good taste. 

Remember that a genuine Parmigiano should have a rind – you can tell by looking on the edge of the piece.

If you buy a piece without one, you can’t be sure that it is genuine Parmesan cheese.

What also might be good to know is that Parmesan cheese also presents health benefits.

The cheese contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphate and beneficial amino acids. 

Nutritionally, it is possible to compare Parmesan cheese with a good steak. However, the proteins and fats are broken down in the chemical process in a different way, meaning Parmesan is significantly easier for the stomach to digest.

Therefore, the body can also very quickly assimilate nutrients, writes

Watch the video below for complete tips on buying the best parmesan.

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