He Cracks 6 Eggs Into Melted Chocolate. The End Result Is Pure Decadence.

There is nothing better than ending a good meal with a delicious, yet easy to make dessert. And If it also contains chocolate, well, then for me, it’s a complete hit. Unfortunately, I rarely have the time nor the right ingredients to make something amazing out of thin air. So when I found this recipe for a chocolate cake that requires just a few steps (and no flour!) then i was immediately sold. I know I’m definitely going to try this out very soon.

To make this super simple no-flour chocolate cake, you will need:

225 gram chocolate
6 tablespoons butter (and butter to the baking pan)
6 eggs (whites and yolks divided)
1.5 cups sugar

1. Start by setting the oven to 135 degrees C (275F). Pour the chocolate and butter in a saucepan and mix over medium heat until chocolate is melted.



2. Crack six eggs yolks into the batter. Mix thoroughly. Save the egg whites. strong>

3. Now beat the egg whites in a separate bowl.


4. Add the sugar and mix until you see soft peaks in the mix.



5. Time to combine the egg white mix with the melted chocolate mix.



6. Pour the mix into a greased baking pan and bake in the oven for 45 minutes.



7. If you wish, garnish with icing sugar and voila – your dessert is ready!


Here’s the video for the 4 ingredient recipe:

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