New Year’s recipe with just 2 ingredients: Simple, delicious – and ready in no time

Chocolate is not only wonderfully delicious, it’s popular with almost everyone!

It’s therefore always a safe bet to present something ‘chocolaty’ when inviting guests over.

With only a few days left until we bid farewell to 2017, I thought I’d share a terrific recipe that’s both super simple and read in no time.

Nothing could be more perfect for a great New Year’s dinner than this delicious, creamy chocolate mousse.

All you need is 2 ingredients, 15 minutes, and you’ll leave your guests absolutely delighted.


200 grams dark chocolate

100 ml whipped cream (room temperature) + 300 ml whipped cream (chilled)

See the instructions below:

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Feel free to share this recipe to inspire your family and friends with this super quick and easy recipe that tastes like heaven. Who knows, perhaps might they invite you to it someday!