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She Starts Cutting A Watermelon. 10 Minutes Later? A Splendid Summer Cake!

What’s more refreshing than eating a watermelon on a hot summer day? Well, maybe this summery watermelon cake… With just a few ingredients, this woman throws together a confection that looks perfect to serve when friends come to visit this summer. It only takes a few minutes, and the result not only looks delicious—it’s also a work of art! Now that summer is almost officially upon us, this cake looks like the perfect dessert to sink your teeth into. I can’t wait to try it!

Here’s what you need:

A watermelon
Heavy cream
A few tablespoons of powdered sugar
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
Sliced ​​almonds
Your favorite fruits and berries

1. Start by cutting both ends off of your watermelon and shaving the rind off the sides like this.

Image Source

2. When you’re done, put the melon on a plate and wipe it dry with paper towels.

Image Source

3. Whip the cream, sugar, and vanilla together in a bowl until it’s stiff

Image Source

4. Spread the whipped cream over your watermelon.

Image Source

5. Top it with fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi.

Image Source

6. Finish with almonds—and your summer cake is ready. Yummy!

Image Source

Watch this video for more details:

Do you also think this cake looks deliciously refreshing? Share the recipe with your friends so they can also make this simple summer cake!
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