The Genius Reason For The Hole In Your Pasta Ladle.

I readily admit that I’m a big fan of cooking pasta. I only need to use a few ingredients to make it, and for the most part it tastes great whether I’m cooking for a group of friends or just myself. Yet until today, I never fully knew how to use one of the essential tools of cooking pasta—the ladle. Sure, I use it to stir my boiling pasta and check if my pasta is ready. But I never knew what that hole in the middle of the ladle is really for. I always thought it just a design detail. But it turns out the hole is a really cool feature that will change the way I cook pasta forever. I just wish I’d known about it earlier!

I always tell my friends that cooking pasta is an art—and one of the most essential parts of that art is choosing the right amount of pasta to cook. But somehow, it’s also one of the most difficult things about cooking spaghetti. Put in too much and there’s not enough sauce to go around; put in too little and your pasta sauce becomes a soup.

So I was pretty excited to find out that there’s actually a brilliant trick to measure how much spaghetti you need—and you probably already have the tool you need to do it. Do you have a pasta ladle with a hole in the middle like the one pictured below?

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It turns out that the hole in the middle of your pasta ladle is actually intended to measure one serving of spaghetti! How smart is that? Just take a fistful of spaghetti and push it through the hole in your pasta ladle and you’ve got the perfect amount!

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If you’re only cooking for yourself, simply measure one portion using your ladle. And if you’re inviting several friends over for dinner,  just out measure out as many servings as you need using your ladle.

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Talk about easy! I was so happy when I discovered this. Now it’ll be so much easier to get the right amount of spaghetti in the future!

Maybe you already knew this clever trick, but I’m sure many of your friends haven’t. So share this trick with your friends, and who knows, they just might cook up a great bowl of pasta for you in the future!

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