Three Unique Things To Do With Your Eggs.

These three practical egg tricks are absolutely essential in your kitchen. You’re welcome.

Eggs are incredibly versatile ingredients. They’re super useful for thickening your vanilla sauce, as the main ingredient in a fluffy meringue, or, naturally, as an essential part of your breakfast – just the way they are.

And no matter how you most like your eggs, there are even more things you can do with them than you may have ever imagined.

In the video below, you discover three innovative ways to use your eggs. These three offer cool new options than the usual boring scrambled or boiled eggs you’re used to.

First trick: freeze your eggs in an ice cube tray. This is very useful if you have a large batch you fear will soon go bad. Freezing them will conserve their freshness and you need only pop them out of the ice tray once ready to use.

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The second tip is one I wish I’d seen sooner! It’s as simple as it is brilliant. Boil your eggs. Then cut in half with a sharp knife. Peeling is so much easier this way, and you gain two perfectly delicious, equal halves.

The final tip is as delicious as it is simple. Crack an egg into a small bowl and then sprinkle a little salt and pepper and grated cheese. Simply microwave for 60 seconds and voilà! The perfect compliment to your breakfast, in just a minute.

Check out the video below to learn how to execute these tricks and please share this with any other egg fans out there you know who may be seeking new ideas.


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