Traveler tells beggar that people are evil– then beggar has perfect response

I came across this beautiful story that I absolutely wanted to share. I was recently traveling to parts of the world I’d never been in. I couldn’t help but be curious about the “kind” of people I’d encounter there.

We often hear about people in some parts of the world being nicer or friendlier than in others. So I wondered what I’d discover in my new travels.

When I read this though, it really made me pause and think. Such wisdom and truth behind it! I’m not sure where exactly it comes from, but it kind of sounds like an ancient tale that is certainly still applicable in our day and time.

A homeless beggar sits by the gates of an ancient city, where dozens of travellers pass him every day.
One day, one such traveler stops and asks the beggar:
“What are people like in this city? I am travelling from far away and want to know it before I enter it,” he asks.
The beggar looked at him and asked:
“What are the people like in your own city?”
The traveler answered: “They are bad and evil.”
So the beggar said: “You will see the same people here.” 
Later that week, another traveler asked the beggar the same question and received the same response: “What are the people like in your own city?”
That traveler said: “In my city, people are great! They’re kind, beautiful, and very friendly”.
To which the beggar responded: “You will meet the same people here.”

What a simple, yet powerful and truthful story, with a significant message behind it. Absolutely love! When I read it, I had to share it with all my friends and travel buddies. Feel free to do the same!

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