12 smart uses for vodka

Most adults have probably have a bottle of vodka in their cabinet. For those that like it, a bottle of the popular spirit can go fast. But for others like me, it can sit on the shelfc ollecting dust for years.

After coming across this surprising list, I found out that there are a lot things you can do with an old bottle of vodka besides drink it.

Here are 12 ways to put unused vodka to good use.


1. Freshen up funky towels

Have your towels started to smell? It’s most common in summer, according to Better Homes and Gardens. But don’t worry, just pour half a cup of vodka in your washing machine along with your smelly towels and usual detergent. Let the washing machine fill with water, then shut it off, and let your towel soak for an hour before restarting the machine. Easy as pie!

2. Extend the life of flowers

I love having fresh flowers at home, but it only takes a few days before they start to wilt. Add one teaspoon of vodka per liter of water and pour it into a vase. The alcohol kills unwelcome bacteria that would have given your flowers a premature death, writes the Daily Mail.

3. Soothe itches from poison ivy

There’s nothing as annoying as accidentally brushing up against some poison ivy. It ruins an otherwise nice walk in the woods. But if you have some vodka on hand, just dab the affected area with the alcohol and you’ll soon be able to continue your walk as if nothing had happened, writes Tip Hero.

4. Gives fragrance sticks an extra kick

Do you enjoy using fragrance sticks to give your home a heavenly smell? I make my own essences, and after getting this tip from a friend, I always add a bit of vodka to my mixes. It really makes my home smell wonderful.


5. Spice up homemade flavors

Many recipes call for vanilla, orange, or lemon extract. I don’t like buying ready-made extracts, but they’re easy to make at home with leftover fruit peels or vanilla beans.

People usually recommend bourbon, but vodka works just as well. Simply fill a small glass bottle with a vanilla bean, an orange peel, or even a mint leaf. Then, cover it with vodka and let it stand.

6. Give homemade ice cream the perfect consistency

Is your homemade ice cream too hard? Just add a tablespoon of vodka to your recipe to get that perfect, creamy texture, writes Tip Hero.

7. Make the crispiest fried chicken you’ve ever tasted

If you like fried chicken, you know it has to be as crispy as possible. Read about how to avoid soggy fried food over at Serious Eats.

8. Clean glass efficiently

Making your own glass cleaner is simple and fun. Just mix one cup of vodka with half a cup of white wine vinegar and a half teaspoon of dish detergent. Then, pour it into a spray bottle and it’s ready to use. Your windows will never look cleaner.


9. Keep your breath smelling fresh all day long

Believe it or not, mixing nine tablespoons of cinnamon with a cup of vodka makes an especially frest mouthwash, writes Mythbusters. Gargle with the tasy muxture and then spit it out. Your friends will notice your fresh-smelling breath and ask you for your secret.

10. Get rid of foot odor

Vodka is an antiseptic and kills the bacteria that causes smelly feet. This will save you on hot summer days.

11. Fix broken powder pads

Have you ever had to throw away an almost new powder pad because it broke into little pieces? Well, that problem is a thing of the past.

Pour the powder in a plastic bag and clean the compact. Crush the powder until there are no lumps left. Then, pour it back in the case and drizzle it with a capful of vodka. Next, stir it until you have a smooth surface. Then, cover it with a piece of tissue paper and apply pressure to it with a jar or glass to get out the excess alcohol. Finally, let it dry overnight and you have a brand new powder pad. For more details, watch this video.

12. Clean dirty mattresses

Do you have an old mattress that needs some freshening up? Mix a cup of vodka and some water in a spray bottle. Then, simply mist your mattress and let it try. The offending bacteria will be gone in no time. If you want, you can also vacuum your mattress first to get rid of unwanted dust.


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