14 indespensable tricks to everyone who loves having a clean home

These tricks are absolutely brilliant for keeping your house clean, and the vast majority are environmentally friendly.

Don’t hesitate to try them. I’ve tried them all and they work!

1. Sponges


Here’s an easy way to rid old kitchen sponges of odors and bacteria. Squeeze a little soap onto a wet sponge and rub it in thoroughly until there’s a good amount of foam. Then, “cook” the sponge for 1-2 minutes. It should be fresh again and ready to use again once it cools down.

2. Mattresses


Over time, all mattresses get dirty. To make them new again, sprinkle a little baking soda on top. Then, wait a few hours before vacuuming. All traces of dirt and odors will disappear. This technique also works on sofas.

3. Cutting boards


A combination of salt and lemons makes an excellent one-two punch to clean wooden cutting boards. Once you’ve covered the surfaces with salt, rub with half a lemon, and then rinse with warm water.

4. Toasters


With the help of an old toothbrush, you can easily clean all of the nooks and crannies in your toaster.

5. Faucets


Want a faucet to shine? Rub it with a little wax paper to remove water and dirt stains. It’ll keep shining for a long time to come.

6. Irons


Place a soft cloth on your ironing board and sprinkle one tablespoon of salt on it. Preheat your iron to high and turn off the steam. Then, go over the salt-covered towel a few times, but don’t push too hard. A few minutes later, your iron to be like new again!

7. Silver cutlery


Put your silver in a bowl with some aluminum foil and 300 grams of coarse salt. Then, cover with boiling water and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse in cold water and buff dry. A chemical reaction between the salt and aluminum will clean your cutlery so you won’t need to scrub or use toxins!

8. Clothes


Getting rid of grease stains on clothes is easy with white chalk. Rub the chalk into the affected areas and it’ll absorb the fat. Then, wash your clothes as usual.

9. Blinds


Blinds can be difficult and time consuming to clean. But, if you use an old sock and a little white vinegar, you can clean your blinds with minimal effort.

10. Pans


Using salt is by far the best way to clean cast iron pans. The salt absorbs oil and helps loosen burnt food. Mix salt with a little water and rinse.

11. Carpets


Mix 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water in a spray bottle. Mist any carpet stains and cover with a wet cloth. Turn on your iron, set it on “steam,” and iron over the cloth for 30 seconds. Goodbye, stains!

12. Sinks


Clean sinks with baking soda and an old toothbrush. Then, cover the drain with a few lemon slices and let some water run through them for a couple minutes.

13. Windows


Clean your windows as usual, but rub them dry with newspaper. They’ll be super clean and free of water stains!

14. Unpleasant smells


Pour a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a bowl and place it in the oven for one hour at 300F (150C). Your house will be filled with a magical scent and any unpleasant smells will disappear!

We all know someone who could need a little keeping keeping their home clean. Share these smart tips with everyone you know on Facebook and hopefully, that special person will see this!

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