8 everyday objects we all use – but don’t know how to use correctly

In our busy lives, it’s easy to take the household items we use every day for granted.

But the truth is, many of these objects contain features that most of use probably don’t know about.

Still, with a little knowledge, we can use them as their designers intended them to be used—and make life a little easier.

Here are eight everyday objects that you probably aren’t making the most of:

1. Aluminum foil

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Isn’t it annoying when plastic wrap or aluminum foil won’t stop jumping out of the box? Well, you might not have noticed, but there’s actually a solution built right into the packaging.

If you look closely, there should be a perforated hole on each side of the box. And if you push them, the plastic wrap or tin foil will stay in place while you’re pulling a piece out of the box. Smart, right?

2. Toilet paper

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How do you install toilet paper correctly? As you probably know, opinions are divided about this…

Most people set it up so you pull the paper from the top of the roll. But a sketch of the toilet paper patent from 1891 shows the inventor’s intention. So now you know who’s right!

3. Shopping carts

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Have you ever wondered what the metal brackets behind the child seat on a shopping cart is for?

Well, it turns out, you can hang grocery bags so they don’t tip over and spill.

4. Toffee

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You’d think they’re just decoration, but the spaces between toffees makes it easier to get them out without much effort.

Press your thumb and forefinger on two diagonal holes to push up the candy. Look at this picture to see how it’s done!

5. Spoon slot

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The small hole on the handle of a pot or pan isn’t just for hanging it up. You can also rest a spoon or ladle in it!

6. Tic Tacs

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I had no idea, but there’s actually an easy way to dispense these little candies. Just check out the above picture. There’s a small space that solves the problem!

7. Fuel gage

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In all honesty, when you go to fill up your gas tank, it’s hard to remember which side of the car the gas cap is on. But if your car’s fuel gauge has an arrow on it, you’ll always know which side it’s on!

8. Pasta ladle

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The hole in the pasta ladle lets water run it and makes stirring easier. But it’s also perfect for measuring one serving of spaghetti!

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