9 smart tricks that everyone with a smartphone should know – but few do

It wasn’t that long ago that phones were just phones. When we went on the internet, we had to turn on our desktops computers and use dial up modems — and we couldn’t make phone calls while we were online.

We also used to need a drawer full of gadgets and tools and a shelf full of books just to get us through the day. After all, we didn’t used to have one thing that was simultaneously a camera, a compass, a calculator, a stack of maps, an encyclopedia, and a bunch of other gadgets all rolled into one. But now we do. I’m taking about smartphones!

Smartphones have made everything so much easier, but they can still be annoying sometimes. Like when we lose our phone or its battery dies.

But did you know there are some cool little tricks you can use to make your phone work even better?

We’ve collected nine tricks that smartphone user should know, but few do.

1. Helpful lock screen

If you happen to lose your cell phone, there’s a brilliant tip that increases the chances that you get it back. Just change the background image on your lock screen to one that includes your name, phone number, and address. If you happen to lose your phone, there’s a pretty good chance an honest person will find it and return it to you.

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2. Flight-mode charging

You know the feeling. You’ve got to go, but your phone’s battery is dying. You plug in your phone hoping to add at least a few percent to its charge, but it takes forever. Instead of stressing out, try putting your phone in airplane mode while you charge it. It will significantly reduce the time it takes to charge your phone.

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3. Offline maps

Everybody knows the GPS feature on cell phones is a real drain on batteries. Try this trick when your battery is low: take screenshots of the map you’re going to follow and use the pics instead of GPS. You’ll save a lot of juice on long road trips.

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4. Better reception

When your cell phone reception is poor, flight mode can be helpful. If you notice you’re unable to contact to the network, turn on flight mode and wait a few seconds. Then, return to normal mode — and hopefully, your phone will automatically reconnect.

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5. Cord stabilizer

You cell phone charger is bound to wear out sometime. To prevent this from happening and to stabilize an already broken cord, all you need is a ballpoint pen! Just take out the spring inside the pen and wrap it around your charging cable so it stabilizes it and prevents further wear and tear.

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6. Alternative chargers

When you forget your charger or are traveling abroad and don’t have the right kind of plug, don’t forget that you have other options for charging your phone. Just plug into the USB port on your computer, the back of the seat in front of you on the airport, or anywhere else you finda USB port.

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7. Alarm amplifier

Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? Try placing your phone in a cup or glass and you’ll see hear a big difference. When the alarm sounds, the glass will amplify your alarm — and you’ll never oversleep again!

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8. Nighttime cell phone finder

Finding your phone in a dark room can be like finding a needle in a haystack. To avoid losing sleep over this problem, put a few glow-in-the-dark stickers on your cell phone or paint the back with some glow-in-the dark paint.

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9. Secret hiding place

Losing your wallet, or just forgetting it at home, can make life difficult. But if you keep a banknote or two in the space between your phone and its case, at least you’ll have options.

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