A simple, inexpensive trick to transform IKEA shelving into something amazing

IKEA’s Kallax shelves are a true classic—and it’s not hard to see why.

They’re simple, practical, and relatively inexpensive. And since they look great from every angle, there’s a lot you can do with them.

When Michelle brought her Kallax shelves home and assembled them, she realized they were a bit too big for the space she bought them for. So, what did she do?

She came up with a brilliant plan to transform her shelves into something that would work for her. And after she was finished, I’m sure she was happy that she had to use her imagination for this project.

Scroll down, take a look, and be inspired!

In the picture below, you can see where Michelle wanted to put the shelves.

And like most of us would have done, Michelle took out a tape measure and sized it up.

Iron & Twine

She bought three shelves from Ikea’s Kallax series, but soon realized that there wasn’t enough room for them.

As you can see in the photo below, the shelves jut out into the doorway a bit, which isn’t the best idea with children running around.

Iron & Twine

Michelle thought about just putting two shelving units there, but then she had a brilliant, yet simple, idea.

She turned the outer shelf 90 degrees and suddenly everything fit perfectly!

But she didn’t let her imagination didn’t stop there…

Iron & Twine

Because she didn’t think the side of the shelf was particularly attractive, she decided to spruce it up a little.

So she grabbed some tape, paint, and a paintbrush and got started.

Iron & Twine

Michelle’s “chalkboard” design cost about $10 to make.

She sprayed on two coats of chalkboard spray paint…

Iron & Twine

…let it dry, and removed the tape.

Iron & Twine

The finished product? It sure is lovely!

Iron & Twine

Everything fits perfectly and looks amazing.

There’s enough space for photo albums, files, and boxes.

Iron & Twine

Talk about a transformation! And what a clever way to solve a small, but annoying problem!

Iron & Twine

It’s always exciting to see how other people decorate and take inspiration from them.

And when you see Michelle’s solution, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Thanks for the tip, Michelle!

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