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A simple trick to keep your feet warm and toasty this winter

The snow crunches underfoot, the sun warms your face, and the air is crisp and fresh… Winter walks would be perfect if it weren’t for the inevitable frozen feet.

And it doesn’t seem to matter if I double up on regular socks, wear a single pair of thick wool socks, or even slip toe warmers into my boots–for some reason, my poor feet always turn into icicles.

But I recently learned a trick to make winter hikes warm and toasty. It’s not complicated, costs next to nothing, and only takes a minute.

Scroll down and see how you can spend long, lovely days playing outside this winter.

What you need:
A windshield sun shade from a dollar store
A marker

1. Start by removing the insoles from your boots.

Image Source: YouTube

2. Turn the insoles face down on the windshield sun shade.

Image Source: YouTube

3. Draw an outline around both of your insoles.

Image Source: YouTube

4. Cut out the two outlines you just made.

Image Source: YouTube

5. Now, you have custom insoles made of insulating, heat-reflective material. Place them in the bottom of your boots…

Image Source: YouTube

6. … and then reinsert your original insoles.

Image Source: YouTube

7. The next time you head out into the winter cold, your new insoles will insulate your feet from the cold ground—and reflect your body heat back to you. Brilliant!

Image Source: YouTube

To see exactly how it’s done, check out this video:

I had no idea about this—but it’s certainly worth a try! Please share this tip with your loved ones so they can enjoy the fresh winter air without having numb feet!

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