Do mosquitoes refuse to leave you alone? This trick is by far the best, say doctors

With summer almost here, I’m ready for the great outdoors. But something I’m not looking forward to are mosquitoes.

The annoying little pests always threaten to ruin my backyard barbecue parties.

And no matter how much mosquito repellent I lather on, they still seem to enjoy eating me up.

Do you have the same problem?

mosquito repellent
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I’m not really a fan of mosquito repellents since many contain a long list of unnatural ingredients and poisons that I’d rather avoid.

But using a home remedy sometimes means settling for less than stellar results.

But thankfully, researchers have come with a special blend of natural ingredients that is more effective than poisonous mosquito repellent. And it even smells good!


Besides the fact that mosquitoes are annoying and leaving itchy bites, it’s easy to forget that mosquito bites can actually be dangerous.

Around the world, a host of mosquito-borne illnesses cause more trouble than just the sting of their bites.


If you want to protect yourself from both bites and diseases, this miracle mixture is for you:

What you need:

15 drops of eucalyptus oil

15 drops of lemon oil

1 tsp vanilla extract

100 milliliters of vodka or cleaning alcohol


Mix the essential oils with alcohol and vanilla extract, pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and spray yourself and others before going outside.

Researchers have found that this blend gives 97 percent protection for up to four hours, while common mosquito repellents give 84 percent protection for the same amount of time.

With this concoction, you’ll be as invisible to mosquitoes this summer.


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