If you thought baby wipes were just for kids, look here! 14 tricks that everyone should know

Everyone who has a baby or has had one knows that wet wipes can be a lifesaver.

You probably also know you can use them to clean your kids’ dirty hands. But did you know that baby wipes are also extremely useful in a lot of other situations, too?

Have you stopped buying baby wipes now that your kids are older? The next time you’re at the store, we can guarantee you’re going to pick up at least one pack!

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1. Keep sand at the beach

Lying around on the beach is usually one of the best parts of any holiday, but isn’t it annoying to find sand all over your house for months afterward? Easily wipe sand off of yourself and your beach gear and leave the sand where it belongs.

2. Remove unwanted crayon marks

Has your little one grabbed some crayons and started drawing Picassos in unwanted places? No problem. Just go over the drawings with some wet wipes and your carpet or wall will be like new.

3. Soothe a stuffed-up nose

When you get a cold, your nose gets a red and irritated. Try blowing your nose with a baby wipe and you’ll avoid some irritation and enjoy the fresh smell.

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4. Get staticky hair under control

Do you have trouble controlling your frizzy hair? Swab a wet wipe along your hair and it will not only be stay in place but also smell nice.

5. Cool off on a hot day

Keep a pack of baby wipes in the fridge and you can cool off and get rid of sweat.

6. Remove coffee stains from fabric

Baby wipes are perfect for when you spill coffee on yourself or your clothes. Try it for yourself!

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7. Get rid of deodorant stains

There’s nothing more annoying than being sweaty, putting on deodorant, putting on a clean top, and realizing that the deodorant as seeped all the way through your shirt. Wet wipes can remove deodorant stains in no time.

8. Remove spray tan

If you’ve ever used bronzer, you’ve probably noticed that it can get a little dull after a while. Swab the affected area with a wet wipe and no one will ever know your tan is fake, writes Organization Junkie.

9. Remove hair dye from skin

Dyeing your hair at home is much cheaper than doing it at a salon, but it’s also easy to get hard-to-remove hair dye on your skin.

Here too, baby wipes are a lifesaver.

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10. Make plants shine

Having plants at home is both beautiful and relaxing, but they’re not so pretty when they’re full of dust. Wipe their leaves with a baby wipe and your plants will look green and shiny again, writes Expert Home Tips.

11. Clean leather furniture

Wet wipes are perfect for cleaning dirty leather furniture. Just wipe the affected area and your furniture will be like new.

12. Freshen up your smelly garbage can

Nobody likes the smell of garbage. But sometimes, the smell persists even after you change the trash bag. This is probably because the bag leaked into the can a little. Just wipe the inside of your trash bin with baby wipes and you’ll immediately get rid of the stench.

13. Shine shoes

Do you polish your shoes at home? Baby wipes can even make your shoes shine!

14. Relieve hemorrhoid pain

If you’ve ever had hemorrhoids, you know that they’re no fun. But here too, wet wipes can help. Just dip a wipe in a little witch hazel and swab the affected area. You’ll be surprised at how well it helps, writes Organization Junkie.

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