If you’ve ever wondered what hotels do with used soap, here’s the unexpected answer

Every time you visit a hotel, you’re welcomed in the bathroom by a toiletry kit that includes everything from a toothbrush to a shower cap and soap.

I travel a lot and I usually bring my own toothbrush, so I don’t tend to use many of these hotel bathroom freebies. But soap, on the other hand… I can’t even imagine how many little bars I’ve partially used in my life.

But what really happens to used soap after you check out of your room? The answer will surprise you.

When Shawn Seipler, CEO of Clean the World, was visiting a hotel one time, he thought about the huge waste of soap and got an idea.

Instead of cleaners throwing all the used soap in the trash, why not do something more meaningful… like saving lives?

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His solution, which has been applied by several major hotel chains, is brilliant.

First of all, the cleaners collect used soap from hotel rooms.

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Then, it’s sent to a recycling plant.

The countless pieces of soap are then sterilized and recycled.

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Last but not least, the soap is sent to poorer parts of the world.

There, it goes to people who need it most, people without access to basic necessities to keep themselves healthy.

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And the difference between being able to wash with soap or not is significant.

“Studies show that the use of bar soap can dramatically reduce those deaths anywhere from 30 to 65 percent,” said Shawn Seipler.

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Listen to Shawn Seipler explain the awesome process in this clip:

I had no idea about this—but what a great idea! Share if you also think more hotels should do this!

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