Lifeless orchids? Here’s an unknown trick that caused Helen’s plants to blossom

Orchids are absolutely lovely to have at home — that is if they bloossom.

Many people struggle to keep their orchids alive after they stop blossoming. And after countless attempts to make them flower again, they eventually end up throwing their seemingly lifelless plants away.

But that’s a total waste. If your orchids haven’t blossomed lately, you definitely need to learn this genious trick that a woman named Helen recently shared.

Many people think their orchids are dying when they stop flowering, but that’s not the case. Orchids are real survivors, so don’t give up them before you hear this trick.

“I was so darn fed up with my orchids. Two years and no blossoming! Then I remembered reading somewhere that you can rinse away all the soil and put them in a transparant water vase,” 34-year-old Helen told the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

© Facebook/Helen Norvall

Helen researched online to find out more about the flowers and the procedure.

“I brushed and rinsed all the soil away and then put them in transparent vases with just water. And in less than two weeks, the first growth spurts were there!” she says.

She took some of the roots out of the water, and now they’re blossoming more than ever.

“They are fully blossoming and lovely. I’m so glad I discovered this technique. Now, I don’t have to deal with any more soil. I change the water when it starts to look muddy, which is after about a week.”

Helen was so pleasantly surprised that the trick worked, that she shared it in a Facebook group, where she has received a lot of likes and people have confirmed to her that it works.

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How lovely that Helen shared her tip! Now, you can save money by keeping your orchids alive a lot longer. Please share this tip with your friends. They’ll thank you later.

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