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Pour 3 tablespoons of salt in shampoo and your hair will thank you later

We put salt in our food every day, but not many of us are aware that this essential mineral can help treat a variety of health problems.

It turns out that salt—and especially Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate—is naturally healing. And my favorite thing about Epsom salt treatments, is that salt they often include soothing baths, scrubs, and pedicures!

Scroll down to learn seven uses for Epsom salts:

1. Hair care


Does your hair get oily? Try adding 2-3 tablespoons of salt to your shampoo and you’ll see a big difference.

You can also make your own hair mask with equal parts conditioner and Epsom salts. Warm the mixture in a bowl until the salt dissolves, and then massage it into your hair. After 20 minutes, wash it out. You hair will have extra volume.

2. Skin care

You can make your own facial scrub with coconut oil and salt.

Mix the ingredients together, work the scrub in a circular motion, and then rinse with warm water.

This will help your skin stay hydrated while removing dead skin cells.

3. Foot balm


If you stand up a lot at work, your feet probably take a beating.

Give yourself an Epsom salt pedicure by mixing the salts with olive oil and soap in a bowl. Rub your feet with the mixture once or twice a week as part of your foot care regiment.

4. Pain relief

Taking a bath with Epsom salts will soothe your aching body. The magnesium sulfate has been shown to reduce the pain of sprains and bruises.

5. Stomach aid

When your digestive system isn’t working well, constipation can be a problem. The magnesium sulfate in Epsom salts works as a laxative by drawing water to the bowels and softening the stool, according to the Daily Mail.

6. Headache relief


If you have a severe headache after a long day, soak in a bathing with Epsom salts.

The salt water will help your muscles relax, melting away the stress and tension that probably triggered your headache in the first place. 

7. First aid

If you’ve got a splinter that you can’t get out, put two teaspoons of Epsom salts in a warm cup of water. Then place your hand in the cup for about five minutes. The splinter will come up to the surface—perfect if you don’t have tweezers available.

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The salt we usually cook with is about 10 percent magnesium sulphate, so feel free to use that, too. 🙂

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