She Put Old Boxes In The Garden. 30 Minutes Later She Has Transformed An Old Furniture Into A Masterpiece.

Mass-produced furniture’s have a reputation of being kind of rigid and dead. A lot of things you can find in department stores are cheap, fragile and quite far from personal. Maybe that is why I love these kinds of home home-made projects. Where something impersonal immediately gets an original look. The blogger Kelsey literally decided to take matters into her own hands and rustled up this drawer in a stunning way. And it is so simple! You only need some spray and textile and if you have a friend who helps you it shouldn’t take any more than half an hour. I don’t know if I will do this, but I think it’s lovely with inspiration and I hope I can use this some day.

A friend asked Kelsey for help to enliven her old drawer. Kelsey knew exactly what she wanted to do. She started by take the drawer out in the garden.


Thereafter, she removed every box and lined them up on the grass.


She and her friend started to spray everything gray.


Then, they took some pieces of old lace cloth and placed on top of the boxes.


Since her friends favorite color is a combination of pink and grey, the boxes were sprayed in a lovely, light pink color.


When everything dried up they removed the tablecloths…


Nice, right!


They also sprayed every knob and handled in a silver color.


Here’s the result. I’m so jealous!


Look at the beautiful pattern!


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