This simple yet brilliant trick will stop your car windows from fogging up this winter

Now that the air is starting to get chilly as I drive to work in the morning, I’m already finding myself facing an annoying problem that comes back to haunt me every fall and winter: steamy car windows.

You probably know what I mean. You get in your car and you’re freezing to death, so you turn on the heat to avoid becoming a human icicle. Then seconds later, the windows fog up and you’re forced to constantly wipe away the condensation in order to see anything at all on your way to work.

But not this winter! This trick is as ingenious as it is simple—and it will put an end to your steamed-up car windows once and for all.

What you need:
A pair of socks
A roll of tape
Cat litter

1. First, make sure your socks don’t have any holes in them. Then roll the open end of one of the socks over a roll of tape.

2. Next, fill that sock up to the ankle with cat litter.

3. Then, remove the roll of tape and tie up the open end of the sock.

4. Next, put that sock inside the second sock to make it more secure.

5. Finally, put the sock on your car’s dashboard or under the seat.

6. The cat litter will absorb the moisture in your car—and your car windows won’t fog up ever again!

Check out this video for a demonstration:

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