Summer Trick: How To Turn Your Old Picnic Cooler Into An Air-Conditioner.

When summer is at its hottest, the heat can be unbearable even indoors. Especially without air conditioning—because how can you relax when the air in your personal sanctuary is stifling and humid?

But there are some cheap and simple tricks to help you cool off and enjoy summer on even the hottest days…

This homemade air conditioner is built inside a cooler and provides fresh air that no ordinary, cheap fan can produce on its own. And I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that this trick just might save summer!



What you need:

A plastic cooler
A small fan
One PVC elbow pipe
Ice (either a large block or a bag or two of cubes)

1. Place the pipe and the fan on the top of the cooler and draw a line around both of them. This will be your guide for the next step.


2. Cut two holes in lid of the cooler following the pencil lines you just made.


3. Place the PVC elbow pipe in the smaller hole and the fan in the larger hole. Point the fan into the cooler.


4. Put the ice in the cooler. A small ice block lasts approximately five hours and large one lasts up to ten hours.


5. Replace the cooler lid and turn on the fan. The air from the fan will be cooled by the ice and flow through the PVC pipe into your home. Now you’re ready to relax as your inexpensive homemade air blower pumps out fresh, cool air!


Watch this video for more detailed directions for making this awesome air cooler!

If you can’t afford an expensive air conditioning, This is the perfect hack to cool off on hot summer days. Please share it with everyone you think would love this ingenious trick!

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