Teenage girl completely renovates her scary dorm room – one look inside and I'm speechless

Teenage girl completely renovates her scary dorm room – one look inside and I’m speechless

Going away to college is an exciting time in life for many young adults. You move to a new city, meet a ton of new people, and start a journey toward something you might do for the rest of your life. And everything would be perfect, if it weren’t for the dingy old dorms and apartments that many students are often forced to live in.

They’re old, run-down, small, bland… And, students don’t exactly have a lot of cash to turn their new home away from home into a cozy place to live.

But with some elbow grease and a good sense of interior design, some students are able to work wonders and completely transform their living spaces…

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Meet Skylar Bantz, a teenager who, like many others her age, could barely wait to move away from home and start college.

But her first impression at Texas State University was anything but good. When Skylar and her mother, Sheila, opened the door to Skylar’s nearly 50-year-old dorm room, they were met with a depressing sight.

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The paint was peeling from the white walls, the ceiling was discolored, the vinyl flooring was disgusting and old, and the furniture — two single beds and desks — was anything but inspired.

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Things didn’t get any better when Skylar and her roommate, Adeline Vela, tried to all their stuff into a room completely lacking in storage space.

Something had to happen.

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With the help of five others, they spent the next 20 hours hard at work.

The remodel cost $500 — and when they were done, it was almost impossible to recognize their room.

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They put in raised beds to increase the living space and make room for all their stuff.

Now, there was space for such necessities as a television, printer, and coffee maker.

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They had no interest in their dreary old desks and bookshelves. To give their room an uplifted quality, something neat and elegant was needed — and their solution is just lovely.

“We were all just trying to make the space for the girls very comfortable and enjoyable for studying. A dorm makeover can really change your mindset for college and being away from home,” Skylar’s mother, Sheila, said, according to MySanAntonio.com.

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Color and lighting can you get far and girls mastered both.

Decorative cushions and textiles give the room a cozy elegance.

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I can barely believe this is the same room that Skylar and Adeline first moved into.

So beautiful!

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