The girl says she can control the jury’s thoughts – then she turns her head and mystifies the whole crowd

Thommy Ten and Amelie Van really know how to confuse audiences with thei amazing magic numbers. Together they call themselves The Clairvoyants, and when the magical duo auditioned on popular talent show “America’s Got Talent”, they truly knocked the jury off its feet.

In their number, Amelie must figure out which jellybean each member of the jury has selected out of a bowl. Amelie has her back turned to the jury and cannot see what jellybeans are being chosen.

At first I thought Thommy was simply giving her some kind of secret signal to inform her of which jellybean they had decided, but toward the end of the number, I realize that their performance involves even more than just that…

Check out the amazing number in the video below – can you figure out how they do this?

I really don’t get how they do it! Can you figure out the trick? Please share your theory!

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