These Elegant DIY Tiki Torches Keep Mosquitos Away.

Summer evenings are perfect for relaxing with friends in the backyard, getting lost in great conversation, and enjoying dinner under the stars. That is until the mosquitos and other pesky bugs arrive and join the feast… Sure, you could set up a distracting bug zapper or cover yourself in harmful bug spray to ward off these pests. But the best solution is to keep mosquitos from joining the party in first place. When I saw this DIY tiki torch idea over at Little Things, I was pretty excited. Not only do these citronella-fueled torches keep mosquitos at bay, they also add a bit of elegance to any outdoor gathering. See how easy they are to make below!  

What you need:

A narrow-necked glass bottle (like a wine bottle)
A citronella torch fuel
A wick
Teflon tape

1. Fill the bottom 1/3 of a clean, empty bottle with glass marbles.

tiki 1
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2. Then, fill the bottle about 2/3 full with tiki torch fuel.

tiki 2
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3. Insert the wick into the bottle.

tiki 3
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4. Wrap the wick with Teflon tape so it doesn’t fall into the bottle.

tiki 4
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5. Once the wick soaks up some fuel, light and enjoy!

tiki 5
tiki 6
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Watch the video below to see the tiki torches in action:

These are quite elegant, right? Share if you think your friends like to make these bug repellent tiki torches for their next get-together!

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