What does the length of your pinkie say about your personality?

Palm reading is an art form that’s been around since ancient times. Just by looking at the lines on people’s hands, fortune tellers have long claimed to be able to predict people’s futures.

The technique is still used today – but nowadays there seems to be more of a focus on revealing personality types, whereas traditionally it was more about predicting things such as wealth, death and marriage.

Turns out however, that it’s not just your hand lines that can tell a story about who you are. If you believe in this sort of thing, then you might think the length of your fingers can reveal a thing or two about your personality, too.

Apparently, by taking a look at your pinky, you can find out which of the following three personalities you have: type A, B or C.

Personality type A

  • You keep your feelings to yourself and can be rather suspicious about strangers. You prefer to come across as more independent than you actually really are. Once you get to know someone however, you open up a great deal. You also have strong emotional bonds with those you trust.
  • You hate lies and hypocrisy, which go against all your morals and principles in life.
  • You are eccentric yet arrogant and it’s pretty difficult to trick you.
  • You have a big heart and are always willing to help your loved ones.
  • You are hardworking and never leave an assignment half-finished.
  • Your facial expressions and eyes usually reveal what you’re thinking.

Personality B

  • You are pretty shy and reserved when meeting new people. It’s not like you to make the first move.
  • When it comes to your love life you are a loyal, devoted and very attentive partner.
  • You are very sensitive.
  • You are extremely good at keeping secrets – so good that people sometimes mistake you for being stupid.
  • Once you decide to do something, nothing will stop you.
  • One of your biggest fears is to get hurt. People see you as strong and independent but you secretly dream about finding your soul mate.
  • You always keep calm no matter what happens.

Personality C

  • You’re not a long-term thinker and it’s pretty difficult to upset you.
  • Not being in control can make you uncomfortable. Surprises are not really your thing.
  • You try not to have any prejudices and respect everyone’s opinions
  • Your ego can at times make you seem bossy. You get quite worked up during arguments but always make sure to apologize afterwards.
  • You rarely speak about your problems which can be challenging when in a relationship – your partners struggle to guess what you’re thinking.
  • Honesty is key to you and the foundation for all your relationships and friendships. You don’t like sugar-coating reality.

I have never been much of a believer in fortune telling nor a superstitious person, but this really resonated with me. Perhaps there’s more to it than old wives’ tales.

Studies have actually been made on whether the length of your fingers can determine your personality, and according to some, it has been proven to certain extent.

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