Why you should flush dish soap down your toilet – the reason is more clever than you think

It happens to the best of us: a clogged toilet. If you’re very unlucky, it may happen at the worst time possible, such as when you’re expecting guests. What should you do in that situation?

Turns out you don’t need to call the plumber — there’s a much easier (and cheaper!) way.

Here is the genius trick that solves your problem in no time.

The panic that occurs when the toilet becomes clogged is no fun. A common mistake many make is to keep flushing, but this seldom helps and instead causes the water to rise even higher. Calling a plumber is of course an option, but there are times when this is not an option.

Thankfully, there’s a very simple trick to solve this nuisance.


‘Miracle’ Potion

If your toilet becomes clogged, simply mix dish soap with hot water. This genius trick, as Expressen writes, is both simple and in principle completely free.



1. Heat up four liters of water in a pot (not boiling hot)
2. Pour about half a cup of dish soap into the toilet
3. Gently pour the hot water into the toilet


It doesn’t get easier than this!

Note that it may take over 15 minutes before the toilet becomes unclogged. If it doesn’t work the first time, simply repeat the procedure. Should that not help, do call a plumber.

This ‘miracle potion’ works because the dish soap, in combination with hot water, dissolves whatever is stuck in your toilet — similarly to how it dissolves food residue on your pots and pans.

This tip is brilliant! I was skeptical first, but it actually works. Share this article to tip off your family and friends, too!