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14-Year-Old Sings “Banned” Song. Seconds Later, He Shocks The Judges With His Amazing Voice.

It’s not uncommon to see nervous participants attempt Whitney Houston songs on singing shows. I don’t know if it’s because they feel they have so much to live up to, or if Whitney’s songs require so much of a singer, but most performers who sing one of the legendary singer’s tracks leave a less than stellar impression. But on “Australia’s Got Talent,” a singer named Jack Vidgen made a spectacular first impression—and it’s a performance few people will forget. Like many other talents who interpret Whitney, Jack is understandably nervous and held back a bit in the beginning. And when he says that he intends to sing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston—a song that is considered very difficult to do justice to—the judges are almost shocked. They prepare for the worst, but as soon as this 14-year-old boy starts singing, both the jury and audience are mesmerized…

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