16-Year-Old Starts To Sing “Hallelujah”. When The Orchestra Kicks In… GOOSEBUMPS!

Canadian Leonard Cohen’s legendary “Hallelujah” has been interpreted in infinite versions. Everything from world famous stars to young talents have taken their shot at the beautiful, powerful, and very difficult to sing melody. I’ve seen dozens of excellent interpretations, and somehow don’t tire of hearing new ones that emerge. My all-time favorite version, after Cohen’s original of course, is hands-down Jeff Buckley’s haunting 1994 version. Then I heard this. This clip showcases 16-year-old soloist McKenna Breinholt from the Cinematic Pop Choir and Orchestra. McKenna’s soulful, soothing voice brought me to tears and the entire performance is nothing short of pure gold – it’s difficult to even put into words. Have a listen and please remember to share this majestic interpretation of the beautiful song. This may just be my new favorite version, and what’s certain is that they have done the powerful classic justice.

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