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8 Bridesmaids Stand In Line, But Keep An Eye On The Next Dancer. This Wedding Party Is Only Just Starting!

Irish step dancing is always a joy to watch, so I understand what these eight bridesmaids were thinking when they decided to create an unforgettable memory at newlyweds James and Roisin’s wedding reception. The bridesmaids are dressed appropriately in green dresses and their dancing is masterful, energetic, and synchronized. But it’s what happens next that raises the roof. After about a minute, the Irish number ends and into the spotlight steps the bride, also in a green dress, to dance to a modern pop song. The energy keeps building, and by the time the next guest pops up in front of the women, the wedding celebrations go to the next level. No one knew the groom, James, could dance! Check out this lovely clip below. You won’t be able to stop tapping your feet once they start dancing.

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