Artist Works Tirelessly Making Amazing Art With Dots. Absolutely Amazing!

Julia Koceva of Sweden really knows how to connect the dots. As a criminologist, she connects crime and criminals, and in her spare time, she connects them to make amazing works of art. No, we’re not talking about those pictures you traced from one to two to 60 as a kid revealed themselves as giraffes or cute bunnies at the end. Julia spends hours and hours making thousands and thousands of dots come together to make her art. Have a look below. I was simply blown away!

The part-time artist puts an incredible amount of effort and energy into her work— up to 70 hours to create each breathtaking piece of artwork. The secret to her craft is her talent and technique.


Julia Koceva/Instagram


Julia uses a technique called stippling, which basically refers to the process of marking a surface with numerous small dots to create a drawing or painting.


Julia Koceva/Instagram


Julia uses the technique to create solidity, texture, and shading.


Julia Koceva/Instagram


Even though the dots are only one color, she uses different patterns, such as swirls, to create intricate textures.


Julia Koceva/Instagram


Other techniques include hatching and cross-hatching.


Julia Koceva/Instagram


Julia creates darker zones by placing her dots close together and she creates lighter shades by spacing them farther apart.


Julia Koceva/Instagram


Julia’s most amazing effect seems to be putting light and dark side by side.


Julia Kocevas/Instagram

And here’s Julia in action. The video starts with dots, but wait for what happens when the camera zooms out!

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