Breathtaking figure skaters’ performance has entire audience speechless

Skating is a beautiful sport that I also think is a true art. So many people are drawn to the beauty, skill, strength and grace that skaters show off on the ice.

Above all, I am impressed by figure skating, and espeically synchronized skating with several dancers involved.

This troupe of Russian figure skaters from the 2013 World Synchronized Skating competition exemplify strength, skill and grace in the most wonderful way.

Everything is executed and timed to the finest detail – from their costumes to every tiny step. Then, to make it even more fantastic, they perform to Whitney Houston’s classic “I Will Always Love You,” filling the arena with emotion and goosebumps. 

And when the athletes themselves are moved to tears after their performance, everyone understands that they have just witnessed something very special.

I think, above all, that the girls are relieved that all their hard work paid off. I thought their performance was as flawless as humanly possible!

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