Challenge: Can You Find The Hidden Cell Phone In This Picture?

This picture is spreading like wildfire online right now and thousands of people are tearing their hair out over it. The reason? It’s a really tough challenge that really requires combing over every inch of this picture.

I personally like challenges like this a lot. It uses the same part of the brain as one of my personal favorites, a 100-year-old drawing that looks different to different to different people. That one took me a minute or so to see what other people were seeing. But this one took me much longer. Try it yourself by looking at the picture below. And if it becomes too difficult, you can scroll down and find the answer at the bottom!

This image depicts a living room table standing on a patterned carpet. And somewhere in the picture is a hidden cell phone. Can you find it?

Image Source

The picture has been going viral recently and it’s driving people crazy, as they can’t for the life of them find the phone. If you can’t see it either, one way to make it easier is to divide the picture up into four sections.

Image Source

Still don’t see it? Hint: look in the upper right corner, near the table leg.

Image Source

I admit that I actually didn’t find it until I saw the answer. The reason is that the cell phone’s case has the same pattern as the carpet. The only thing that gives it away is the camera on the back of the phone. Scroll down for the answer, if you can’t bothered to keep searching.

Image Source

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