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Charice Wows David Foster When She Joins Him For A Performance Of “All By Myself.”

He’s produced Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Céline Dion, Christina Aguilera, and dozens of other extremely talented singers, so David Foster has witnessed more than his share of magical musical moments.

So it’s not often that a singer is able to blow the award-winning producer away. But that’s just what happened when Charice recently joined Foster on stage for an incredible rendition of “All By Myself.”

When I watched the video, I was instantly taken with Charice’s voice, but Foster, playing piano, keeps it cool. After all, he mentored the young singer and helped her become the international sensation that she is.

But watch what happens when Charice goes for the show-stopping high note at the climax of the song. Foster is left just as blown away by Charice as the audience is, only he has to try and keep playing the piano.

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