Everyone thinks he’s crazy to live in a cave, but when they look inside, they’re speechless

Thanks to modern technology, most of us live in fairly comfortable homes. We have running water, electricity, and things like refrigerators and washing machines to make life easier.

And it goes without saying that we’ve long passed the era of living in caves or huts.

Or have we?

Several years ago, Angelo Mastropietro, who had a successful career as a businessman in Australia, decided to give up living in his modern home and move into accommodations that are millions of years old.

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Angelo was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007. The disease turned his life upside down, and his priorities completely changed, too.

During this time, he remembered a 250 million-year-old cave that he had seen 10 years earlier when he was seeking shelter from a rainstorm, writes the Daily Mail.

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At first, the cave didn’t seem fit for living. But after putting time, energy, and money into it, Angelo had finally perfected his dream home.

It took eight months to transform the Worcestershire, England cave.

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Now, the cave has all of the comforts a person ask for, including running water, underfloor heating, and Wi-Fi — to name just a few.

We have to say that Angelo did a fine job decorating it. What do you think?

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