Fourth grader invents a product that helps parents to never forget a baby in the car again

It’s always a big tragedy when a toddler dies.

In the US, since 1998, around 712 children have died from heat after being left alone in a car, according to a report.

Sophie Rapson is a fourth grader who recently had to participate in an “Invention Convention” at school, where students were asked to make something that has never been made before.

Using her creativity, Sophie came up with an idea, and, with a little help from her mom, created a product that could save countless lives.

She calls her product the “Baby-forget-me-not” and created it as a method to help parents remember that their children are in the car.

Of course, it takes a lot for a parent to forget their child in the car – but it happens. If you have one or more children, you probably know how stressful it can be. Mistakes happen, especially when parents are busy and have a lot on their plate.

With her affordable product, parents can avoid ever forgetting their baby is in the car again.

Watch the video below to see Sophie explain how her product works!

Young people are our future and it’s people like Sophie that help make the world a safer and better place.

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