He begins to film the gloomy skies, then captures mysterious detail that has the net in a frenzy

Graham Telford from Leeds, England, likes to photograph nature in his spare time and discover potentially mysterious phenomena. Recently, he took a picture that has been sending the internet community shivers down the spine – and I certainly was no exception.

This is hobby photographer Graham Telford. On May 6, 2017, he went out to photograph what he thought were fascinating movements in the sky. A big storm seemed to be approaching. But in the end, he captured a truly fascinating picture …

Through the stormy skies, Graham appeared to have caught sight of an eye in the sky. He later published the very interesting picture on his Facebook page, and needless to say, it wasn’t long before it took off across the web.

Nature’s ways are indeed mysterious! Feel free to comment on what you think about this image, and share it further to see what your friends think, too. Is it a sign from above?

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