He Built A 14 Sqm House To Avoid Student Loans. But When I See The Inside I Forget How Small It Is.

To find an apartment or a room when you’re a student isn’t the easiest of things, also it is very expensive.

25-year old University of Texas student Joel Weber took things into his own hands. Instead of worrying about a place to live and spending money on high rents, he built his own wooden mobile home, according to The Telegraph.


This way he also can avoid huge student debts.


His house is parked in Dallas. but Joel will be driving to Austin when he starts the third year of his course. Because, you know, this house has wheels! Isn’t it great?


He spent $20,000 on the house. It is only 145 square feet, but as soon as you see the inside you will forget about that. He used his own savings for the project, but was also helped by the local community who chipped in with some of the material he needed.


Joel have used every surface that is possible and most of the things he needs is there. I love the way he’s furnished it and put thought into it to be as practical as possible.


The house is still missing a, but this clever student is planning to install that later. He also wants to install solar panels because he cares about the environment.


I wish I had Joel’s creativity when I was a student!

Pictures: Joel Weber / Facebook.

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