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He Saw A Hole In The Snow. But The Other Side Astound The Whole World.

Our planet is truly amazing. Just take a look at this place. An ice cave that’s almost three miles long. Formed by a stream that runs through a glacier at the volcano Mutnovsky in Russia. The photograph that explored the hole writes that it’s often too small to go into, but one unusual hot summer created this magnificent rock shelter.

These pictures of the ice cave emerged on Reddit a couple of years ago. They are taken by the russian photographer Dennis Budkos.blogg.


The streams are heated up by the heat from the active volcano. That’s what formed the tunnel.

o-ICE-CAVES-900 (1)
o-CAVES-900 (1)

You can almost see through the roof of this glass cathedral made by nature itself.

o-CAVES-900 (2)

So freaking cool!

o-ICE-CAVES-900 (2)

The cave entrance.


Don’t you get lost in your own imagination when you see these pictures?


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