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It Looks Like A Tree House For Children. But When I Walk Up The Stairs… I Must Travel Here Before I Die!

I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. And if I ever will, I will stay at this place! At first, I thought it was a playhouse in the tree for kids, but it appears to be something so much cooler than that. The resort Lupe Sina at Samoa is a hotel who’s extraordinary… Tag along and check it out!

Up on the hills of Tiavea, Samoa, a small house is built on a pretty unexpected spot.


Lupe Sina is the only one of its kind in the South of the Pacific Ocean.


This view is breathtaking.


But this is no ordinary treehouse. This tropical oasis is built out of and inside a banyan tree. The tree is typical for Samoa.


The hotel area consists of several tree houses.

Source: Tripadvisor


”Our tree houses are pure engineering and are supposed to symbolize the untouched beauty of the island”, the hotel owner writes.


And even if you’re surrounded by wild rainforest, the inside of the little house is modern and luxurious.


Wheather if you’re doing the dishes or having a cold drink from the freezer, you’re always surrounded by trees…


The bathroom is fresh.


I think you could have a pretty decent night of sleep here!


Even if it seems far away, the hotel offers comforts like Wi-Fi, laundry service, cleaning, a café, and a breakfast buffé. A perfect mixture of rustic charm and luxury.


This shower is, to say the least, special. Completely built inside of the tree.


Pretty cool, right?


”Pictures can’t explain the feeling of staying here”, one guest writes. ”You’re completely surrounded by trees, you’re embraced by the jungle, and is nestled in the tropical nature, with people who are friendly and caring”.


Having your morning coffee right here? Yes, please!


“This place is a unique memory for life. Relaxing, the nature, isolated, the hospitality, the landscape, and love surrounds this special place”, a guest writes. Take me there!


I really think this place is unbelievable! Here you can read more about Lupe Sina!

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