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It Looks Like The Craftsman Left Something On The Terrace. But Wait Till You See What It Really Is.

This is a private island in Toronto, Canada.


All building materials were shipped there by boat and put in place using a huge crane.


Craftsmen toook care of the inside on location.


It really doesn’t look like much when you look at it from outside.


Just a wooden box on a big rock by the water.


But a look inside shows something completely different.


Inside “The Grotto Sauna” everything is designed to look like the caves you find in nature. And it really is an inspiring design.


Here you can relax in the hot sauna while enjoying the wonderful design and the beautiful lake view.


Behind the construction is Partisan Projects. In the video below you can see how they did to get the building in place. I really Wouldn’t mind spending a cold winter night in this cave sauna!


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