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Linnéa’s Christmas Dress Is Taking The Net By Storm.

A Christmas tree can appear in many different forms. I love how each tree is different than the other. It makes all seem unique in their own way. But never have I seen one like THIS. This is far from an ordinary, traditional Christmas tree. A woman from Sweden conceived of a completely unique take on the tree. Linnéa Åkerlund has created a very special dress… What does a dress have to do with a Christmas tree, you may be wondering? Take a look at the picture below and you’ll understand. Impressive!

23-year-old Linnea bought an old plastic fir from a flea market for less than $10 and began to cut it up. Sound odd?

Well, not when you see the final result. The dress took about four hours to make. Linnea then posted her masterful creation on Facebook. Soon enough, it was apparent that many really liked what they saw.


“I had never anticipated that it would be this popular. It’s great. Last I checked my dress had almost 21,000 likes, which is really just insane. People are curious about what I’ve done, want to say they like it, or ask if they can buy it from me,” she told a local paper.

I found Linnéa’s idea and her very unique creation just lovely.

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