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Man Saves Coins For 20 Years. What He Does With Them Stuns His Childhood Sweetheart.

Most people put at least some effort into popping the question. After all, it’s about asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. That’s why when someone spends an afternoon booking a romantic getaway, writing a love song, or arranging for a band to play a special song, we’re moved, but not totally surprised. But one Chinese spent a shocking amount of time preparing for his special day.

When Liang was nine, he was as in love as a nine-year-old could be and promised his sweetheart that one day he would buy her an engagement ring. Most of us wouldn’t remember such a comment, let alone make a plan to do anything about it. But Liang never forgot his promise.

For the next 20 years, he saved all the spare change he could. After he got a job and could earn paper money, he kept to the spirit of his original promise and kept saving coins. And when the realities of life interrupted and the two childhood sweethearts ended up in different cities, Liang kept saving.

Finally, when Liang was 30, his loose change had become a small fortune. The time had come for him to pack it up and head to a jewelry shop.

The jewelry store’s employees had never seen anything like it. The 150 kilograms of coins took half a to day count. All told, there was $1,933—enough to buy a diamond engagement ring!

With ring in hand, Liang finally made the engagement official and proposed to his childhood sweetheart. She accepted on the spot. And the employees of the jewelry store were so moved by Liang’s romantic act that they kept the coins on display in the store’s museum!


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